For the 25 years and counting, Salina Group has been a leader in the manufacturing industry offering reliable and high quality products to customers all around the world. gradually became a multidimensional company; with expertise in manufacturing, trading contracting, exporting and importing services across the Middle East, Africa, Asia and North America.

We have built an enviable reputation by connecting our suppliers and our clients with the best services available. We also pride ourselves in supporting a huge percentage of the adhesives and chemicals market in the Gulf area and being a customer-oriented business.

Solving Base

Salina Solvent ink has been developed to meet all professional printers’ requirements with the easiest way to be installed on your machines; almost no change in the printing machine parameters. By select the optimum raw materials combined with our own developed formula, we give our inks high optical properties and excellent stability while keep our inks profitable for all industry stakeholders.

As an industry expert, We are not only focus on the final product properties; we also focus on ink effect on the machine parts, by using balanced ink solvency power helps to protect the printing machines parts from damaging or corrosion and keep it always clean and keep our customers away from any hidden costs. Our restricted quality control process guarantees consistent batch to batch quality.

Water Base

We have created thousands of water‑based inks for printing on an array of substrates. Water‑based inks emit low VOCs and are among the most eco-friendly inks available to the industrial printing industry.

Waterbased ink is the future trend for printing business! It’s not only environmental friendly, great for the printing workers, but susbtantially decrease VOC consumption, which is good for all. Our products include: Textile Fabric WB Ink, Heat Transfer WB Ink, Shoe Materials WB Ink, Paper Print WB Ink, Special Inks, Screen Print Accessory.

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